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rezobond's Journal

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Rezo Bond
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>> welcome to the database

>> login: rezobond

>> password: *********

>> voice identification required. please state your name and password.

"Bond. Rezo Bond.

Do you want to be strong?

>> *cue James Bond theme*
>> Good morning, Mr. Bond.

>> You are logged into Rezo Bond, an RPG where Slayers and James Bond have met the twisted minds of nine psychotic teenagers.

>> Here in the database, you can find the identities, powers, and just plain stupid facts about all the players and the RPG itself.

>> begin database

>> the cast

>> Akiotena Tentori: Akiotena is the maintainer of the Rezo Bond RPG. She also maintains Sexy Bond Girl as her Bond identity.

>> Orion: Rezo Bond was originally created by Orion. It stemed from the suit that Orion wore to Prom; he looks like James Bond in the pictures. And since Rezo is his favorite character from Slayers, naturally, he thought to put them together. Thus, the great Rezo Bond was born.

>> Yoru Koumori: Yoru plays Kung-Fu Bond Girl; a girl that has mastered all kinds of martial arts and stealth.

>> Waka-chan: The ever naughty Ecchi Bond Girl is played by Waka.

>> Uenna Neko: Neko-chan's character in the RPG is Intelligent Bond Girl.

>> Lime Coconut: Lime is known as Ditzy Bond Girl (many times mistaken for Ditzy Blonde Girl).

>> Umiko Kazegawa: As Miss Moneypenny is to James, Umiko's Secretary is to Rezo.

>> Kitty (Cat): Kitty is Comedic Relief Bond Girl. Enough said. >D

>> Other Members: Tom, Animus, Timeron, Bear, Ry, and others soon to be listed...

>> end database

>> logged out
>> Goodbye, Mr. Bond.

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