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Beware the wrath of Rezo Bond

Rezo Bond got a look on his face that could be compared with that of Captain Ahab when he sighted Moby Dick. "Naga!" he boomed in a voice louder than Zelgadis induced thunder. "You've eaten your last stolen Pocky! We, the Bond Team, shall vanquish you utterly!" Rezo Bond then realizes he's within an inch of becoming Amelia, so he resorts to more familiar tactics. He first casts an enhancement spell on all the Bond Girls, bringing out the characteristics of their names. Then he raises his staff and brings it down, creating a wall of magic around the room so Naga can't escape. "Prepare to be beaten." Rezo Bond draws out a wicked looking gun, aims for Naga's heart, and fires twice. There's a loud popping noise, like the sound of two balloons bursting at once. Rezo Bond grins. "As the reports indicated, they couldn't possibly have been real. You've been exposed, Naga! You're even flatter than Lina!"
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