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The search continues... but now not alone!

(As posted by Orion:
Rezo Bond stepped into the room carrying an opened box of Pocky in one hand and a half-eaten stick from said box in the other. "I say, what was that laughter?" he asked. Then he noticed Comic Relief Bond Girl seemed in distress. He went to her and put an arm over her shoulder. "What's the trouble, CB?" he asked.)

"Rezobond!" C-RBG took one surprised look at the familiar face, then collapsed against him, hugging him fiercely. "Where've you been?? I was looking all over for you, and I thought you'd been kidnapped with the rest of them!" She stopped, remembering that he'd asked her a question. "Oh, and it was terrible! He came, and took them all away, and he made fun of me... but worst of all, he wouldn't laugh at my jokes!" She pouted, subconsciously stealing a stick of pocky from the box.
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