ASHY!!! (kittysunlover) wrote in rezobond,

In Search of the Lost Bond-Girls

C-RBG stumbled, yawning, into headquarters, stretching her arms high above her slightly ruffled pink-and-blue bob, and stopped dead.
Where is everyone? she thought to herself as she noticed a half-empty box of pocky on one of the chairs, and a fully-rewound Slayers tape.

"Hmm..." C-R scratched her head, pouting slightly. "There's something fishy here, and it's not just last night's leftovers!" With that, she disappeared back into her room, only to reappear moments later wearing a bright green trench-coat, complete with Sherlock Holmes-style hat (also green) and bright blue magnifying glass.
"Come, Watson! We're on the case!" And then she was on the search!
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