Aki, the Mistress of Darkness (akiotena) wrote in rezobond,
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Back in business, I hope...

  *munches on a stick of Pocky while casually laying across an armchair*

  *is watching the TV when suddenly the channel switches on its own and...*

  "Ahem... REZO BOND! BOND GIRLS! AT ATTENTION!" a voice yells -- X, the leader of the secret service Rezo Bond and the Bond girls belong to, who looks remarkably like Xelloss...

--Sexy Bond Girl
... back in action!

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Rezo Bond: *wanders into the room, takes a stick of Pocky and sits down on a random chair* Yo. What's up, X-man?
*ecchi bong girl saunters into the room and sits down on Rezo's lap*

Deleted comment

(Blarg, who's going to be X? I don't wanna do it... XD)
(Eep. I don't want to either. ^^;; But I will if no one else has any creative ideas.)
Gee, guys, thanks for telling me! *Comic-relief bond-girl bounces into the room*
So, um... *scratches head* What's up?