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Beware the wrath of Rezo Bond

Rezo Bond got a look on his face that could be compared with that of Captain Ahab when he sighted Moby Dick. "Naga!" he boomed in a voice louder than Zelgadis induced thunder. "You've eaten your last stolen Pocky! We, the Bond Team, shall vanquish you utterly!" Rezo Bond then realizes he's within an inch of becoming Amelia, so he resorts to more familiar tactics. He first casts an enhancement spell on all the Bond Girls, bringing out the characteristics of their names. Then he raises his staff and brings it down, creating a wall of magic around the room so Naga can't escape. "Prepare to be beaten." Rezo Bond draws out a wicked looking gun, aims for Naga's heart, and fires twice. There's a loud popping noise, like the sound of two balloons bursting at once. Rezo Bond grins. "As the reports indicated, they couldn't possibly have been real. You've been exposed, Naga! You're even flatter than Lina!"
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Deleted comment

*kicks naga a few times while she's down*
You fake slut, you!! You try and look like one, but you aren't one! You dirty the name of "SLUT"!! ......... *thinks* although the name is already kind of dirty...
*turns her back to Naga getting the crap kicked out of her (^_^;;;;)*
*looks down at Naga* Hey! Your hair is cooler then mine! *growls, wielding her sword* For that, you die!! *Leaps, bringing down the sword with several slashes of cool looking light. Lands next to the now neatly sliced-into-sashimi Naga, with a triumphant look on her face* Well, that being done, let's go out for dinner. I'm kind of hungry.
Rezo Bond looks down at the remains of Naga and thinks hard. "I don't think Naga's the end of it. She's not all that smart, and there's probably someone else that masterminded it all. We should go look for them now that..." Rezo Bond trails off as he looks past Naga. There, piled 20 feet high and 10 feet wide, are hundreds of boxes of Pocky of all kinds! Rezo Bond does some quick thinking and comes up with three things: he's hungry, the Girls are hungry, and there's Pocky. "PARTY AT MY PLACE!!!!" he yells, while preparing a spell that'll make all that Pocky fit inside his car.
YAY!! *jumps in the car*

Deleted comment

*wipes a tear off her face*

Okay, Pocky! *grabs all the coconut chocolate kind and all of the white mousse kind and marches back to the car*
*grabs some men's pocky...*
*chews thoughtfully on a stick of white chocolate pocky* Ecchi? Would you like to drive home? *motions towards the empty driver's seat*
Why... yes... I would love to drive... *grins*
Oh god... *sits in Rezo's lap and holds on for dear life*

(and can totally see Ecchi pulling a Squall with a car bit... eeeee.... you FF8 people know what I'm talking about ^_^;;)
*climbs in next to Rezo Bond and straps in her seatbelt* Have fun Ecchi. I'm taking a nap.